Sandalwood Vanuatu Signature Gold E.O (4 AND A HALF YEARS AGED)

09/10/20: Looking through the paperwork I confirm the prized santalol content stands at a staggering 90%. Mind blown. This is absolutely insane if you consider the vast majority of S.austrocaledonicum offerings will never exceed 70% in this day and age. 

Adam Michael has this to say “So it is official, my name is Adam Michael and I am a Sandalwood addict. I introduced India Gold on Christmas Day 2019, and that was the moment that I deep dived into nectars of the most stunning sultry head turning creamy delights, I had ever experienced with a bottle of Sandalwood. Then comes along Sandalwood Musk four months later and I once again declare my unconditional love and buy the entire production. A material that is slower to start up, more classically structured yet overall puts out a better performance, throws in lots of musk and gourmand aspects and is just pure wow. So good you can smear Sandalwood Musk on your forearms and it grants you up to a day of soul calming Sandalwood pleasure, and although a recent production, the wood used is at least 60 years of age, so just imagine the potential regarding how that beauty will age, a sandalwood for the gods.

Then I’m having a discussion with a new producer and am told I need to try their current batch of Sandalwood E.O (S.austrocaledonicum) and how my mind will be blown my its unrivalled beauty, how applied to skin I will be staggered by how bright it is, how long lasting it is, and so on and so on. Ok, I’m sold I say, let me sample and I’ll be the judge!

You know how this story goes, I try, and I am indeed wowed and no words will do justice to how impressed I am but I will try, that feeling of excitement, of wanting to tell the first person you see how incredible your discovery is, an inability to stop smiling because you are consumed by excitement and happiness, almost like being a child, the night before Christmas, unable to stay still, or to fall to sleep because the morning cannot arrive soon enough, so that you can rip open the wrapping paper that stands between you and your presents. It is all of those types of emotions when you smell this Vanuatu Sandalwood. And it does not matter how old we are now, we all know these emotions and they still reside within us.

Aromatically, what we have here is Sandalwood E.O that provides instantaneous joy, off the charts bright by comparison to our other Vanuatu offering, far more energetic, jumpy, turbo charged throughout. The smooth woody aspects are so rich and concentrated, creamy aspects yes but this has a cleanliness about it with an almost lemony floral DNA finish about it, not piercing, not lemon citrus per se, yet still delivering that cleansing bright citrus and especially lactonic creamy infused floral type sensation upon your senses, as though you have walked within the garden of paradise. Applying 0.1 g to my forearms I get slightly over 9 hours of wear and via the strip this lasts for weeks.

Many despise the idea, the very notion of essential oils being considered as an art form ok, yet for me, what we have here with this batch, is just that, aromatic art, so compelling, emotionally charged and beautiful throughout. A material that makes you muse as much as it calms and relaxes, deepening your appreciation and understanding for all that is beautiful within this world. Yes I can hear myself, yes no matter what I type I will always have the critics jumping down my throat without even ever trying the materials I offer.

To sum up, this Sandalwood essential oil is the holy grail of Vanuatu Sandalwood offerings, one of my greatest ever aromatic encounters and now it can also be one of your greatest aromatic experiences as well. You will never ever find a bottle of Vanuatu Sandalwood as good as this and I think this will also surpass expectations of the many connoisseurs among you. The easiest and quickest 10 out of 10 ever awarded, and I afford my sincerest gratitude to the producer for this otherworldly steam distilled Vanuatu Sandalwood essential oil.”

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 50G = 700 Euros. 100G = 1350 Euros.

Botanical Name: santalum austrocaledonicum

Origin: Vanuatu

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes

Aromatic Produced: November 2019