Sandalwood Vanuatu Essential Oil

Adam Michael has this to say “Vanuatu is an island that sits on the same tectonic plate as New Caledonia in the South Pacific called the New Hebrides plate. Vanuatu gained independence from its British-French rule in 1980 and New Caledonia is still under French rule. Both islands produce the Sandalwood species – Santalum austrocaledonicum. The species we sell is grown in Vanuatu. Each year the government in Vanuatu set the price of the logs and through auction offer 1 year licenses that enable the licensee to purchase upto 20 tonnes of logs. This produces about 1 to 1 1/2 tonnes of oil.

Unlike Indian sandalwood (S.album) Vanuatu sandalwood (S.austrocaledonicum) is a sustainable and trustworthy source for excellent quality sandalwood. This particular material we offer actually contains just under 60% of alpha & beta santalols which help deliver a classic smelling sandalwood, masculine, oriental with that warm fulsome woody creaminess throughout.

The local villagers really do benefit as well as they have a big involvement. Baby seedlings get handed out to villagers and are always potted up in plant pots that will contain a host plant and about 2 litres of soil. The host plant is vital because in its early years sandalwood has a root system that struggles to convert needed nutrients, so the sandalwood will tap into the host plants root system, always nitrogen rich ones, and from here it can grow big and strong.

Within a few years the plant along with its host will be planted into the ground and within 4 or 5 years the host plant will be removed leaving the sandalwood tree to grow it alone. Within another 15 years the family who have grown this in their garden will likely have cut it down and sold the log or logs for a great amount of money. I have heard stories of elderly couples travelling the world, young families using the money to put their children through further education and even stories of families using the money to pay for lavish weddings for their children attended by many hundreds of people, it all sounds very nice.

Along with S.austrocaledonicum coming from a sustainable source, having a fantastic chemistry, delightful smell, masses of uses for the therapist and the perfumer, it is also better priced than the Indian material. My advice is if you love sandalwood and feel let down by the quality of Indian material over the last several years you should consider buying this Vanuatu sandalwood.”

Botanical Name: Santalum austrocaledonicum

Origin: Vanuatu

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