Vanillin Natural Isolate

Adam Michael has this to say “Obtained from vanilla beans, this vanillin natural isolate starts with a slightly caramelized note and quickly becomes sweeter and sweeter as the minutes pass by. A very straightforward aroma, no woody aspects, no complex layers, just a persistent hardcore, vanilla candy sweetness throughout with lots of chocolaty and gourmand qualities.

This vanillin natural isolate is supplied in pure crystal form, sold by weight, readily soluble in alcohol, and needs to be used highly diluted (10% or less) and is very good value for money.

Even when diluted, this material is best used sparingly as otherwise your fragrance will become sickly sweet. Pairs well with all vanilla materials, finds much use within gourmand accords, for the creation of chocolate notes, offers interesting effects when used with both cocoa and coconut co2 materials and simply this is a real luxury material and a true treat.”

Extracted from Vanilla Beans.