Wild Borneo Oud Kinabalu E.O

Adam Michael has this to say “Hailing from Borneo, wild, 30-day soak, hydro distilled, artisan produced in 2018 and profile wise this oozes big achiever, no-nonsense, old-school masculinity throughout. This is a dark style, antique woods vibed aromatic with a hints of resinous and incense sweetness. 1000/1000 on my score card – yes, the profile here is that well-orchestrated throughout.

Breaking the notes down further, the incense reference for me consists of – powdered sandalwoods, sweet cinnamon, cassia powders, angelica root shavings, trace crushed charcoal and possibly a trace of nutmeg for good measure. For the resinous qualities, my brain registers liquified elemi resin, crushed pink peppers, trace burning Sultan Hojari tears, Mexican copal tears – the ones of excellent clarity and balsam tolu.

Antique woods, I think of heavily lacquered oak and mahogany woods but presented in a more refined, polished and uniformed manner – when compared with plantation ouds that showcase such profiles – including our Cambodian.
Animalic qualities of this wild Borneo oud essential oil consist of refined castoreum character, aged fossilised Hyraceum, clean horsehair and finished with trace tonalities of oakmoss and crushed ambergris. It is worth noting that like Oud Hindi Red No1, you know animalic tonalities are here, but at the same time, they all manage to be palette pleasers, or better phrased in this instance – clean. The dry down is predominantly incense and clean animalic themed.

To sum up this wild Borneo oud essential oil is aromatic art in a bottle, and a natural that is a personal honour to behold, evaluate and enjoy.”

Botanical Name: Aquilaria sinensis

Origin: Malaysia

Wild Material (Produced 2018)

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes