Black Sacra Resin

Adam Michael has this to say “This may be my favourite offering of all frankincense resins. Rich, powerful plumes of wet juicy thirst quenching orange and lemon candied nuances, pine drops, pine woods, eucalyptus and even mint, all playing with the powerful dreamy resinous, church incense spiced frankincense. The E.O is beautiful but the resin in its natural state is aromatic pleasure at its best. Grind a bag down and create your own tincture, and in turn you will find facets the E.O is not capturing nor displaying. A true 10 out of 10 frankincense resin material and very well priced.“

Botanical Name: Boswellia sacra

Origin: Oman

** At Hermitage Oils should you wish to burn the material neat we would recommend burning the material on an oil burner opposed to using charcoal disks. If you follow this recommendation we also advise placing a piece of foil in the well of your oil burner and then laying the resin on top. This prevents lots of mess and cleaning after use and by using an oil burner you get to enjoy much more of the aroma of the resin than when using charcoal disks.