Jasmine Autumn Absolute

Eleonora Scalseggi has this to say “Produced by a world acclaimed aromatics manufacturer, this Jasmine Autumn Absolute is no ordinary jasmine material. First of all, it has a solid brown paste consistency when neat, and this is why we offer this diluted at 50% in ethanol for retail sizes along with its neat counterpart for wholesale quantities. Aromatically, jasmine autumn absolute displays the very same nuances that we detect ourselves when inhaling our jasmines grandiflorums’ last flowers across the month of October.

The air is already cold, the sun is still hot nevertheless, and this hot-cold treatment seems to be enhancing the fruity notes of jasmine flowers. What was a soft, fruity and sweet aroma during the summer has now turned into a decided overripe fruit note with jasmine grandiflorum overtones (of course), along with gourmand dark dried plum notes and a touch of plasticine.

Used sparingly this aromatic can do wonders lending naturalness to a blend, from fruity to woody (especially Thai ouds) through to more obvious floral compositions, as well as in hay, cocoa and overall brown notes gourmand-orientated accords. It will impart fruitiness to sticky resinous accords, with particular mention for our African rum resinoid, and it will expand and extend the gorgeous fruitiness of our patchouli absolute. Not a regular go-to jasmine but a very specific aromatic for all those loving quirky materials, or those looking for special effects for your perfume composition, or again for those who like to look at perfumery classics with a fresher and less obvious perspective.”

Botanical name: Jasminum officinalis var. Grandiflorum

Origin: France

Alcohol Soluble: Yes (but filtering is advised in order to eliminate any cloudiness)

Oil Soluble: No