Rose Otto Persian Sweetie

Adam Michael has this to say “I looked at a lot of batches of roses from various regions of Iran earlier this year. I purchased Shahbanu, Jungle Otto and this one which I have named Rose Otto Sweetie. It was between this name and Rose Otto Suave.

Aromatically this material initially exudes a velvety type rose sensation and grows into a powdery-sweet, super saturated, pink rose blossomed bonanza with additional nuances in the form of something floral sweet-spiced and rose soapy. Little to nothing earthy, no green tints, just a powerful, clean, very glamourous and consistent rose aroma output. Whether in alcohol perfumes or oil based attars, this really is a wonderful rose that lasts for nearly 5 hours on my skin type neat.”

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Origin: Iran

Alcohol Soluble: Yes, with filtration

Oil Soluble: Yes