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We have been sourcing natural aromatic materials for many years, with an eye always open for the unusual, vetting suppliers and their materials quality. Since arriving in Italy we felt that this was no longer enough. Any vendor can purchase a decent rose absolute from a reputable supplier. Is it sufficiently good, yes, is it the best quality currently available on the market – most likely not. This is why our focus has shifted to sourcing natural aromatics that we feel are of the most stunning possible qualities available on the planet. Therefore, internally our business model has completely changed, and we have invested chiefly everything in order to find producers that can meet our borderline impossible demands on the aromatic qualities, development and performance front. Hence across the last few years more and more aromatics we offer are being bestowed with the highest designations and thus why our product content contains so many fitting superlatives within the description text.

At the same time, all materials that weren’t meeting our requirements or that were not more than well received by our customers have been progressively discontinued, and this is the reason why over the years the proportion of signature materials has been increasing over the regular ones. And please rest assured that we are relentlessly working to make this proportion increase even further.

In this section you will find these very materials that we are especially proud of offering, and that we believe to be aromatically the best currently available on the market.