Aglaia Flower Absolute

Adam Michael has this to say “Aglaia Flower absolute is a tropical masterpiece aromatic, a multi-floral layered heart note triumph, brought to us from one of my current favourite (11.07.21) countries in the world for high-end florals, none other than China. A country that has raised its game exponentially on the absolutes front across the last decade and is delighting us all with such captivating aromatics.

The opening here is very magnolia orientated, very white floral, with distinct apple crispness and peach juice aspects along with greener qualities that are comparable to smelling magnolia leaf oils. After this the aroma develops displaying jasmine tea notes in the form of an absolute, so deeper and even more floral and astringent than that of the actual CO2. This slowly moves into a sweet grape through to blue bubble-gum, cream soda and Tahitian vanilla plasticine territory and this is just off the charts amazing. Materials such as osmanthus and gardenia also make guest appearances along with more thirst-quenching juicy notes from trace lychee through to sun ripe pears.

The blue bubble gum smell btw being just like the aroma of biting into those old school oversized blue bubble gum pieces or drinking the neon blue bubble gum drinks back in the 1990’s. Looking closer at the dry down I think there are even resinous aspects with trace woods and maybe even something fleeting aged copaiba here. I must have evaluated a few thousand aromatics in the last 16 years and honestly this is just mind blowing.

Colour is golden amber-yellow through to cola-brown subject to weight, perfectly alcohol and oil soluble. This aromatic is produced solely from the tiny flowers of which actually don’t open and remain in this tiny ball form on the plant, giving out strong aroma throughout the day and barely any scent at all during the night. Outstanding product and in my view, via us or others, everyone needs to experience aglaia flower absolute.”

Botanical Name: Aglaia odorata 

Origin: China

Alcohol Soluble: Yes

Oil Soluble: Yes 

Wholesale weights (all prices excluding vat): 100G = 1100 Euros. 250G = 2200 Euros.